Vendors Admission

Vendors Admission

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This will be the HOTTEST event for WOMEN in YOUR market this Spring!

Becoming a vendor here will allow you to reach a lot of women who are ready and willing to invest into themselves.

There are only a few tables available so get yours NOW!

Make sure you are Picture ready because this event will take place at the most beautiful Rooftop ever at MVNGATA Beach Club here in Playa Del Carmen, MX.

This event is all about Empowering Women to date on their own terms. Whether you want to be a sugar baby, a spoiled girlfriend, or simply have a more enjoyable stress free dating life, this is the event you DON'T want to miss.

Hosted by Sherry Thorpe, we will walk you through a process of leveling up your dating life.

You will learn how to stop f*cking the Unqualified with Obatalia from Kongo Square Foundation, manifest the dating life you desire most with Evonna from Rise Queen, and learn how to prioritize safety with Tonda from Empowered Defense.

This is not your typical Women's Empowerment Event. You're going to learn how to completely take control of your dating life and get exactly what you want WITHOUT Sex!

See you there!